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Research and teaching activities at the Laboratory of Hydraulics Models, Department of Civil Engineering of K.N. Toosi University of Technology started in 2006 in order to carry out M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses, research and consult projects related to water industry. Research themes of laboratory include water engineering, hydraulic engineering, river engineering, and hydraulic and marine structures. Hydraulic Models Laboratory is situated on a building with area about 200m2 at Department of Civil Engineering.

Civil Engineering Department,

K. N. Toosi University of Technology,

No. 1346, Vali-Asr St., P.C. 1969764499, Tehran, IRAN. TEL: +98-21-88779474 FAX: +98-21-88779476


The laboratory contains a flume for open channel flow experiments, wave flumes, head and storage tank, pumps and a host of equipment for taking quantitative measurements used for physical model studies.


1- Large wave flume (Armfield – UK)

·    12.5 meter long (Overall length is 3.25m longer than the working section defined), 0.30 meter wide and 0.45 meter deep

·        Tilting, recirculation hydraulic flume (Slope: +1:40 max, Slope: -1:200 max)

·        Walls: Toughened glass Bed Exclusively fabricated from stainless steel

·        Pump: Close-coupled centrifugal for accurate control of discharge

·        End Tanks: GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

·        Sump Tanks: and Pipe work PVC (Polyvinylchloride)

·        wave generator (regular, irregular and user defined waves)

 2- Flume (Water Research Center - Iran)

·        10 meter long, 0.50 meter wide and 0.50 meter deep

·        Tilting, recirculation hydraulic flume

·        Variable slope

·        Glass-sided flume


Equipments & Instrumentation

Digital Hook & Point Gauge

Portable Pressure Meter C/W with UKAS 10 Point Calibration Certificate


Portable Pressure Meter-140mBar C/W with UKAS 10 Point Calibration Certificate

Pitot Tube
Turbulence and Velocity meter
Velocity Probe

Wave probe system (2 x 300mm probes, 2 x monitor units)


HR Wave probe system (8 x 600 mm probes, 8 x monitor units) with HR wave Data analysis & acquisition software

Air Flow Bench
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